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Videogame Audio
Wwise Demo Reel


Wwise Demo Reel [550]

using Unity 3D Game Kit

In this video I am showing sound

design techniques, audio implementation with Wwise and music composition.

Every sound has been recorded with Zoom H5 and a Shotgun Mic Rode NTG2.

Feel free to jump to the section that you're more interested in.

0:04 Introduction

0:27 Footsteps

1:00 Voice Over

1:22 Robot Enemy

1:51 Robot Melee and Attacks

2:17 Environment,Impacts 

2:25 Soundtrack

3:01 Gameplay

Unreal Engine Demo Reel


Unreal Engine Reel 

Audio Implementation

In this video I will demonstrate how I implemented the sound into the Engine using UE4 demo.

Every sound has been recorded with a Zoom H5 and a Shotgun Mic Rode NTG2 and Roland Binaural Microphone.

Unity Demo Reel


Ninja Gaiden 3 / Max Msp 
Re-sound Design


In this video I programmed a simple patch on Max / Msp to do the Re-sound design of one of my favourite game 

Ninja Gaiden 3.

I recorded every sound and the soundtrack comes from one of the instrumental band I used to play with.



My name is Sergio and I'm originally from Italy.

I started my career in the Audio field as an independent musician and after touring for a while  I worked as an artist manager for more than ten years.

After completing a BA in Musicology at the University of Milan I moved to Vancouver in 2012 where I'm focusing on my passion  for the Art of Sound, pursuing professionally sound design and audio implementation for video games.

Download Resume



Pro Tools, Reaper, Ableton, Sound Forge

Operative Systems

Mac & Windows


Wwise & FMOD Studio


Unreal Engine & Unity

Other softwares

Max / Msp

Adobe Premiere Pro

2020 SOVGA School of Video Game Audio 

Vancouver, Canada

Unreal Engine

[Sound Design Audio implementation]

2020 Wwise 201 Certification - Interactive Music

[AudioKinetic online course]

2020 Wwise 101 Certification - Wwise Fundamentals

[AudioKinetic online course]

2019 SOVGA School of Video Game Audio 

Vancouver, Canada

Wwise 501

[Sound Design Audio implementation]

2019 Seattle Recording Arts

Seattle, USA

[Pro Tools Certification 101+110]

2018 Berklee College of Music

Boston, USA

[Music publishing for new Media]

2012 University of Milan

Milan, Italy

[Bachelor of Arts Musicology]

2008 Stylus Music College

Vancouver, Canada

[Music Industry]


Let's Get in touch!
Tel: +1 604 365 2426
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